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14 Replies to “strangers”

  1. terencecasey2 says:

    She is very Sexy

  2. DadaM says:

    That was hot! I loved the way she explained the corner bit at the end too!!

  3. ModernOrganics says:

    omfg she is sexy. jus how i like em chocolate with nice big tits

  4. francy_chev says:

    Every single fucking time I log into PH, this is my go to video. My favorite part is where he puts it in

  5. bounder says:

    I don?t think she will mind her loser boyfriend playing poker in the future, regardless of how he plays she wins.

  6. btheemt says:

    I wish my uncle would do this...instead of only play with my pussy

  7. barbaramaillet says:

    Looks like I'm late to the party with this one. Another great video, as usual, but they get a little better every time. I would love to see a full length hardcore video. We all love to see your blow jobs cause they're awesome, but some good pussy pounding is fun to watch as well, especially with a girl like you.

  8. coatejam says:

    found twinks usually come with large cocks so of course I would like it. You can fill my hole with your nut anytime

  9. Flooz says:

    sad but true

  10. Littleuni says:


  11. PhasHD says:

    great perfectly shaved cock and wonderful lady, she knows how to do it ;-)

  12. elwoodpye says:

    I would absolutely lick her pussy until she came all over my face 10 times eat her asshole lick her tits finger her both holes fuck her asshole until shit just falls off without an effort and fuck her pussy until she comes a 1000 times. Her and all the hot babes who come my way. Love fukin crazy girl lovvvve them

  13. admiralmanson says:

    amazing video! your body is ridiculous !

  14. delboylong99 says:

    I need that ass to fuck

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