Hood Thug 5 - Scene 2

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31 Replies to “Hood Thug 5 - Scene 2”

  1. Share says:

    I loved it! Perfect combination of bodies!

  2. WTFanothername says:

    Boner approved

  3. ilaparekh says:

    Chocolatedrop11: oh god not the French

  4. Martin37461 says:

    I fuck her in her big pussy

  5. royboyfromtoot says:

    Iíve done this before lol

  6. td1977 says:

    7:34 I love her I would love to FUck her hard

  7. mepercell1 says:

    Your lifting with your back and if I learned anything form 7th grade weightlifting if you keep doing that you look like Stephen Hawkings

  8. jht250 says:

    becos you we rune the cruncher

  9. drumic says:

    what movie?

  10. mams says:

    Makeup tutorial prank gone wrong (GONE SEXUAL) (I FUCKED MY STEP MOM!!!

  11. hb1742 says:

    I agree, you could tell she genuinely wasn't feeling it lmao

  12. Elaine says:

    Love her voice too !!!!

  13. eejazz says:

    Gotta love a guy who wears socks when he fucks.

  14. carriem says:

    Who tf gets naked for massages?

  15. TheTigerStrike says:


  16. milehighgrandma says:

    Add me

  17. HX says:

    I love to get cummed on.. umm

  18. Mariioo says:

    The best

  19. 560mp says:

    his toes are disgusting, ever since i noticed them i just can't stop looking at them

  20. probuzenejitro says:

    i like it so much

  21. Sebs says:


  22. GaryMGordon says:

    ?? ?? ????? ?? ?????????? ??? ??? ????

  23. gman01 says:

    Dayum. Cherie is at the top of her game. She's never been hotter. Karter is new to me but pretty hot too.

  24. WilliamNim says:

    Damn dude

  25. andyfromks says:

    humm je vais changer de boulot en regardant cette video

  26. affanmasud says:

    I canít stop watching her sexy body, I really fucking love her!

  27. Elaine says:

    2 things to take away from this video. first why is it so sexy when a woman crawls towards me, and secondly how the fuck did he not split her in half with that log!

  28. petter114 says:

    okay i legit see a problem here poor thing is prolly into vanilla and you have a macho person trying to choke her, i love them two both but they do not go well together

  29. anushasaraleesa says:


  30. erikrolf62 says:

    Lol well hello there!

  31. sundamali says:

    mmmm. I love when my husband cums on my face for me.

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