MADE IN THE SHADE 2 - Vintage Gay All-Black Cast - Shower Sex

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27 Replies to “MADE IN THE SHADE 2 - Vintage Gay All-Black Cast - Shower Sex”

  1. kkunal2002 says:

    LOOK.  AT.  THEM.  FUCKIN.  TITTAYS!!!!!!!!!

  2. SheilaWPate says:

    Do not see the head it is always very scary

  3. NateGH360 says:

    no, pretty sure its squirt dumbass

  4. Meowsters says:

    I agree!

  5. CRB says:

    I'll be your stepdad!! Stepbrother whatever you want!!

  6. Great_Aku_Ha says:


  7. eugenebruk says:

    someone teach me english pls?

  8. Kwaze says:

    If only every guy looked like that..

  9. Zacht says:

    happens to me all the time.

  10. Strafe says:

    Teach me.. I'll lisen to anything you say

  11. angry1972 says:


  12. jblume says:

    Une vrai escorte me branle

  13. Moh27 says:

    she is Chezza Luna

  14. talgo_it_2012 says:

    Petra is so scorching hot!! love to watch those tits wiggle while she is licked and fucked

  15. kasandrarballo says:

    Micah Moore is by far one of the hottest girls in porn, 2000 my ass should be in the top 5 In ratings shes incredibly cute and sexy such a great young looking Gem of the sight mmmmm

  16. cyberbiker says:

    11:49  15:10  17:04  17:42  19:34  20:19 . . . That vid was no joke.

  17. michagast says:

    that faggot again lol , wasnt he her doctor?

  18. Mafalda99 says:

    she looks kinda like a chick i know that blows me for oxys .

  19. ddtx says:

    I love to jerk off staring at those hot sluts

  20. remcopoulus says:

    Enjoy your nutts while you can boys. No more net neutrality

  21. Billy-and-Kathy says:

    they are just insanely hot and really know how to eat pussy!

  22. BugPub says:


  23. beaup79 says:

    HA! Console peasants.

  24. 500days says:

    What an outstanding video. OMG!!! That was so hot.

  25. drsaendu says:

    she can suck a cock

  26. artfog says:

    nice performance

  27. ingols48 says:

    I love how she got into it

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