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49 Replies to “Hunk thug and his gay thug friend”

  1. Nightcl4w says:

    That ass tho

  2. Ben_Neville says:

    Woah that uncle have alot of bitches

  3. Jingyue says:

    Well...shes perfect.

  4. erisa says:

    Remi has very strong fingers and a hard grip.

  5. aaa00592 says:

    Oh boy these big saggy afterbirth breasts full of milk, yummm! Exquisite stuff! Can't stop inseminating my Nexus tablet's screen every time I see them...

  6. anujjaju says:

    Check out my hardcore punk band, perfect music for when you're jacking off

  7. jlubeski says:

    Ox I like have as my sexzy sex slave

  8. epilogue says:

    Because it's awesome!

  9. Mribby says:

    you would have to force that into me babe

  10. danclre says:

    8:30 !))

  11. Coolconor98 says:

    Done a 3sum before and I loved it,

  12. Saltydog3050 says:


  13. ChatSkype says:

    That face she make at the end LOL

  14. hyy900506 says:

    Kik :lesbianlover122222 . That's 12 22 22

  15. Joneh says:

    Inbreeding is when your related, last time i checked you aren't related to your STEP family.

  16. Douglas59 says:

    Wowza.. you gotta have good knees 2keep that up for a total of 4 minutes plus... phew girl.. lol

  17. Ketepelt says:


  18. IDaniel_88 says:

    Nice fiure and face

  19. likevice says:

    This is how I like to bang petite girls

  20. DiingDiing says:

    wow sweet

  21. Mewmewthemew says:

    Who is the girl in 2:15??????

  22. Snaks says:

    mmm..nice stuff and nice cumshot

  23. Hogables says:

    Lucky girls

  24. P3kkl says:

    If we didn't you wood have less 2 complain about

  25. mattster606 says:


  26. tessasmomy says:


  27. Loofan says:

    Haha it was me who brought it up, go to my profile description for the whole story

  28. rodartez says:

    The end was kinda unusual for porn stories

  29. aminavirani says:

    his dick is fucked up

  30. wheaton2372 says:

    Beautiful pussy lips

  31. runegus10 says:

    they may not be gay, but they're not str8.

  32. nare says:

    Just the thought of this makes me wet , i want someone to do this to me

  33. NICKFALLAH53 says:

    hopefully in the future if population controls are put in place, it will allow only black and brown men to be able to breed, white males will be made sterile. if a white couple want to have a c***d there will be breeding farms where healthy, strong superior men are there for the purpose of impregnating the wife. in a few generations there will be one race.

  34. Taylor_Stewart says:

    marry her

  35. VMetz says:

    Damn she is sexy

  36. tjborri1 says:

    I could watch her titties bounce all day long

  37. RyanMartin says:

    Wow so hot! Check out this video of me shoving a brush in my pussy and playing with myself:

  38. nels19942 says:

    I'd love to drink some ... will you sit on my face and cum in my mouth please?

  39. csarans says:

    wat is milfs

  40. KissHershey23 says:

    12:30-13:01?? thank you!

  41. reignyoma says:

    id eat that

  42. Susie.T says:

    Did she just let out a phat burp at 3:32 ?!

  43. Rigsby says:

    Name blonde?

  44. JenniferFrance says:

    Her tits tho

  45. vickyrobinroy says:

    This is why I turned to the dark side

  46. nic2328 says:

    There was no daughter role...

  47. Brutaya says:

    Any girl with a tattoo is fucking disgusting GROSS

  48. ruthmarshall45 says:

    Who are the two guys @ 1:00? For research purposes of course

  49. bozita says:

    Yes please

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