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32 Replies to “Butta and Daddy”

  1. Greywinde says:

    If any girls wanna trade videos or photos pm me for kik or anything you want.

  2. SubhashUsha says:

    It amazes me how beautiful and sexy I find woman, and how much I love eating their pussies, yet I crave cock and cum shots in my mouth 24/7. I wish a woman had a huge cock and balls hanging somewhere, maybe between her tits? You could make love to her, eat her and fuck her, and suck on her cock and balls all day long. As much as I enjoy a woman, nothing does it for me like a cock swelling in my mouth a couple of seconds prior to the cum shot and filling my mouth with delicious sperm.

  3. wendywells88 says:


  4. kelly12 says:

    damn girl your super hot

  5. pnutnet says:

    Gross. Pass!

  6. ilhanabdullah says:

    looking like auntjemima but she can give my head!!!!!!!!

  7. walterizzo14 says:

    So fucking hot!

  8. cletbill2 says:

    Japan needs to be nuked again

  9. senorstar says:

    they don't TURN lesbian ..

  10. KegzHD says:

    Im so horny

  11. MemoryOfYeah says:

    Seriously, I'm as straight as it gets but that dude is a damn biscuit. Maybe it's just because he doesn't look like a total douchebag or so screamingly dumb it makes me aggressive, like 75% of the rest of male cast, which is exactly that thing distracting and annoying me in this golden age of porn. I wanna instantly replace that dude with all males on PH. Still that doesn't mean I'm not extremely thankful for the dark times of fapcomeimmediately camera zooms on guys face are over.

  12. cdsjerry says:

    Now thats what you call a Bitchin Kitchen!!! I would love to be the cream filling between those chocolate goddesses, lets make an Oreo!!!

  13. yuvalsegal says:

    Was the size of your man..

  14. mgm4fez says:

    lmaoo she stopped mid-blowjob to reveal her evil masterplan

  15. Lindelou3 says:

    he tried to use lotion as lube

  16. mtnmombd11 says:

    Yep lol

  17. rbkitsune says:

    focus more on the girl, less on him

  18. royboi says:

    Very beautiful video, we liked it, if you want to come to us we also have hot videos))) thanks)

  19. chuckthrush says:

    she can make all the anchor babies she wants....shes yummmy

  20. ezgonart says:

    Damn i wish my dick was that BIG LOLLLOL I'LL BE HELLA HAPPY =D

  21. beachdogdrummer says:


  22. reinhardtsmit says:

    who's the curly brunette with a chest tattoo /scene 2:17- 2:23 - cumshot 3:57- 4:02, please ?

  23. Techinfo says:

    I've came so many times to this vid. I love older guys

  24. zoharl says:

    is this a new videoclip for Cry me a river or what ?

  25. Elaine says:

    Someones getting a drilling.

  26. janitor07 says:

    Allah fuck hu akbar, bombbbbb

  27. rowdyward says:

    sexy vid, beautiful body.

  28. kiwilife01 says:

    LPQLP...impresionante!, ojala algun dia pueda cogerme una mujer asi!

  29. puneetvirgo says:

    Angelina is hot i like her!

  30. Misha2k1m says:

    I really like those panties. Where Can I buy them for my gf?

  31. bridge4 says:

    same bruh

  32. Java93 says:

    Oh my my.  Alexis Texsas is amazing.  What a perfect body, butt and thighs!! AwesomeShe is soooo hornyWish to spend a night with her

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