Straight Thug Goes Gay

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6 Replies to “Straight Thug Goes Gay”

  1. cgm73 says:

    Sexy; very sexy

  2. Printerz says:

    asshole , e fatto apposta magari?

  3. MusicFluff says:


  4. houghton19 says:

    Santa I know what I want for XMAS!!! These two girls

  5. Kharak84 says:

    I get that she's a porn star and being paid to do this, but the story is unfortunate. To those that don't know the difference, this can facilitate the idea that r**e is okay because they'll like it in the end. The story promotes blackmailing and to anyone who doesn't understand the concept of a script, this only encourages them to try things like this.

  6. Elaine says:

    For real! Got DAMN!

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