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46 Replies to “Sexy Niggas”

  1. mommywood314 says:

    lmao @ somebody grab this bitch

  2. tomradtke1 says:

    Those are lovely tits!!

  3. esterika3413 says:

    Only the last 3 minutes are worthy

  4. Genie5 says:


  5. Bennny says:

    Who is she?

  6. alienated says:

    I agree with Assis Tushy does have the best anal videos with some of the most beautiful women. The girl on this vid reminds me of my ex- body that wouldn't quit but she refused anal. She said that as a med student if I knew what she knew I would not ask her for ass. So it was of limits. This vid made me see how awesome it would have been for me to hit that ass. Oh, and for her to climb on top and ride it like this girl does would have been a dream come true... To all those guys lucky kudos

  7. Elaine says:

    Shes fucking gorgeous. Love the way she stares directly at him while sucking his cock. Her dirty talk is stupid though, made me cringe.

  8. chuck_hiser says:

    Perfect lips and face. Where can I see more of her??

  9. MegalithRob says:

    i love Danny mountain and the face he pulls when he is getting a blow job

  10. candicane86 says:

    by far my favorite woman on here!

  11. nmcreynolds says:

    Omg, this is hot as fuck

  12. EliWolf06 says:

    What's her name?

  13. eljayb says:

    who is the one at 0:10

  14. firozfaridi11 says:

    Let me drink you baby

  15. askoasa says:

    Hello guys, I want you to help me in my biggest problem is that my penis is small and I need to enlarge it in order to enjoy sex. I am also a fetus now. 24 I have not had a sexual relationship in my life. I hope you only need the money for me to perform the process so who can help?

  16. harry44v says:

    Doll, I'd never pull out!!!!

  17. ItzBigFun says:

    Thanks Lee we will

  18. queenrcomplex says:

    best feeling ever

  19. teresa_budzyn says:

    i wish i could be this lucky

  20. graven says:

    No spilling, every drop swalloed. Perfect blowjob! Lucky guy!

  21. g4pilut says:

    First porn i ever watched

  22. dapickering says:

    God I wish that were me

  23. Judylee1 says:

    She is HOT in those stockings!!! I'd love to fuck her with my Big Black Strap-on!!!

  24. icywhite says:

    Looks like Tiffany Amber Theissen

  25. devmoo says:

  26. GeorgeBFirmin says:

    guys got a nice shit stain on his ass at 4:50

  27. possitive1 says:

    anyone know who they are....they are simply great

  28. sunitgup says:

    oooh man my body needs attention like that dude is a crook with the dick i need him right now all up in this gushy gushy !!!!

  29. Shell_C says:


  30. nikirowland says:


  31. cfl_madison says:

    Stop please

  32. Tresclub says:

    That pussy is beat up

  33. agoryach says:

    Something in the kitchen with milf, something in the kitchen with milf I knoooooow

  34. Kichai says:


  35. PeteMc says:

    This was great until the terrible ending! Why wouldn't she be allowed to finish things? Who wouldn't want her to make them cum, apart from this guy?

  36. Vegas_Chad says:

    I wish she was my she would Fuck me with her big strap on. Watching her Tits bounce up and down while she pegs my sissy ass.

  37. KevinPa says:

    use IDM so you can download this shit if you want ^^

  38. Flounder says:

    yes k bye.

  39. Marioboy19 says:

    I'd love to see boy 2 w daddy 4

  40. Ralbor says:

    your cock is so delicious baby

  41. soooooome says:

    She is ultracute

  42. vmlsjp says:

    Whenever she laughs she sounds like spongebob ... just saying.

  43. elbroth4 says:

    Which starbucks location is this?

  44. Jowett123 says:

    some good dick sucking

  45. jtw says:

    great pussy

  46. pandabearjojo19 says:

    From what movie it's this scene?

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