LJ Presents Leo & Deco

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48 Replies to “LJ Presents Leo & Deco”

  1. Mitramonday says:

    dat azzzz

  2. daylewoodward says:

    Its not a surprise of you tell us >

  3. neshas2 says:

    I love her fat pussy!

  4. maritcheguarin says:

    All I could hear when they started fucking was Squidward walking....

  5. margsinclair says:

    la verga justa para mi concha, me encanta!!!

  6. jamescarollarry says:

    wow that ass is out of this world!!

  7. Elaine says:

    well, she is Nikki Benz.

  8. charles.steiner says:

    Mmm made me finger my pussy still horny

  9. g4pilut says:

    got that wrong mate, she's audree james

  10. ariestaurus1 says:


  11. Elaine says:

    Trib at 6:00. Not long enough though

  12. cromcz says:

    It's okay if you like the battle royale format, but it's definitely overhype. The game is best played with friends.

  13. mowthelawn says:

    so sexy they are

  14. yyzfrenchie says:

    Lmao hahaha Yeah she did

  15. Orito says:

    This is a nice organic scene. Don't even need the "fitness model / yoga teacher" labels for the scenario.

  16. Hiccup113 says:

    Very good

  17. doden96 says:

    The censoring was a bit distracting

  18. sea2ba says:

    I'm 19 my bbc could give her more for her time

  19. packtech says:

    Holy shit

  20. sohail187 says:

    Them trueys tho

  21. brettkennedy11 says:

    Sexy Love

  22. Jaskipapaja says:

    Anyone knows video?

  23. dinarqueen says:

    Very beautiful body

  24. bewley53 says:

    Weed + beer + sex = Heaven 3

  25. Zombiebamfxd says:

    RIP beautiful

  26. emma7 says:

    Damn babe...that scene at the end when you play with cum was soooo hot

  27. Sam_Palfery says:

    She's so hot

  28. Melvin01 says:

    Id make a mess..love it

  29. g4pilut says:

    who's the bottom?

  30. sissellie says:

    Nice guys finish last

  31. Aviamorte says:

    Lucky guy

  32. birdiesjl says:

    Lucky bitches

  33. sayedinamullahk says:

    HOLY! That was well put together. Best PMV yet!

  34. sephirothrx7 says:

    Come visit my page I have some nice video of me masturbating in public and fotos of my girlfriend ^^

  35. classicals says:

    Dayum Sinn Sage is so hot!

  36. mlowery says:

    Lol they should just replace this with the full version already... Just click on the 'alanah rae' link next to pornstars if you wanna find it

  37. dadgirl4ever says:

    I loved her up until I seen this video with this dude. Not smart to fuck a nasty old performer rumored to be a living breathing STD factory, WITHOUT a condom. A shame, Amirah.. and foolish.

  38. FlaRiptide says:

    Can't fap if they keep showing this disgusting guy and his stupid facial expressions all the time.

  39. sivadselim says:


  40. Johanforsgard says:

    My sister tried to subdue me once

  41. NatLWalker says:

    No there isnt

  42. Chrissy156 says:


  43. mike.nafea3 says:

    9:14 she is geting the big guns out!!! halleluuja!!!!

  44. keli4you says:

    I'd love to feel a teen's tight young pussy. She looks so damn good taking cock.. So, where is my teen? ^^

  45. Centi says:

    I didn't realised it's an advertisement.

  46. PotionMaster says:

    She needs a bigger dick

  47. kyle.crawford33 says:

    I agree

  48. dolgachov says:

    Over 4.6 million views so far. That's a lot of fapping going on. I expect Scarlett must have some idea even if she doesn't know how many of us there are. She should be pleased because it means we find her sexy.

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