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36 Replies to “Pt. 2 Back to business with phat wet cum shot!”

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    I love it when a man takes control. Tells me to take it , open my legs , talks to me in that deep voice , I purposely do it , ya know " run " " close my legs " just to see his dominance. I tell him I can't take it so he can say " take that dick & cum for daddy " that just makes me want him even more. Some girls like that. I AM ONE OF THEM ! So speak for yourself. There's a time for making love but plenty more times for a good fuck ! You need a man to fuck your lights out.

  20. Kpoper says:

    Great Compilation, love the editing man. 2.5/10

  21. nparrinello94 says:

    16:10 omg xdd

  22. iancurrier says:

    Damn. That was epic. If I had been in that position, I would've violently cum the moment she grabbed my cock.

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    If there is a God, he'll let me run into this gorgeous woman someday before it's too old to function, and we'll do this very thing, lol!

  36. Matan526 says:

    What a time he choose to stuff his cock in he mouth....when they are actually 'fighting'. Wasn't he  afraid that she might bit it off in a rage. Just saying!!

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