Double Daddy Duty

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49 Replies to “Double Daddy Duty”

  1. kvarme00 says:

    Very good video ! Thanks

  2. SoyJoy says:

    That poor girl

  3. goran72 says:

    This girl is awesome

  4. MariaLauraVidal says:


  5. frabu1975 says:

    Iím in...

  6. Tom_Stevo says:


  7. brouwersmits says:

    So Sexy Video

  8. fargo says:

    You wouldn't even have to work hard.† I would spend 24 hours a day just eating your pussy.

  9. Mityai says:

    hahaha literally watching this and just laughing when he sits there while she squirms. i empathize

  10. caryn1047 says:

    I hope she was just stroking his ego with the "your so big" comment, 'cause your not. Leave the shoes on, take the bra off, Jeez learn how to fuck people, I swear I gotta teach a course or something.

  11. zebbe979 says:


  12. garywalker275 says:

    That was some quality plot

  13. drats666 says:

    Really great cock sucking an would let her do what she wanted with me mmmmmm

  14. Claudius says:

    Great scene, loved the stepdaughter, that girl can work it

  15. tedbehne says:

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  16. violetizz says:


  17. Wazza77 says:

    And Pornhub is my city!!!

  18. Pantz says:

    She is insanely beautiful. The quintessential brunette.

  19. TGB11 says:

    he was not letting her down--he was going to get a second one

  20. Kay6575 says:

    why do i like this so much?

  21. daisy195959 says:

    Alexis Texas wins this one. How about Flower Tucci vs Cytherea

  22. tavikas says:

    Great blowjob!

  23. begeco says:

    D I C K H E A D !!!!!

  24. Zetella says:

    This is my fantasy well, one of them), as the bottom. So hot, I need to play this out with a hung daddy.

  25. Sammychka says:

    the younger one in the carriage is hot. Love to see her in more

  26. nazaccone says:

    Thanks babe ?

  27. GoldenEye says:

    I need to know who the girl is at 2:52 and what scene it's from... so hot.

  28. eva12 says:

    I see 99 comments but a botch ainít one. Bitch.

  29. dwhite2389 says:

    who is the girl in the grey tank with the great tan lines?

  30. ginnic says:

    What a spectacularly dirty little slut! Ass eating with balls in her face. Magnificent!

  31. shakingspear says:


  32. Kez_ says:

    Damn what a hottie! I love the first part where she's telling him not to fill her up!

  33. LevK says:

    got to this video from facebook. Stevo25's comment is supposedly viral as a funny comment on a porn site lol

  34. maryskeyboard says:

    love that song i wish nikki stone was still doing porn

  35. k132s says:

    All the heat and passion! And the acting is amazing! Ugh why can't more porn be like this? D:

  36. aoifedoyle79 says:

    not sure who i want more, him or her!

  37. CorinthMaxwell says:


  38. jefferynealeng says:

    I rather fuck at my house instead of fucking at the motel I also have an apartment near campus if your interested in Americans.

  39. vodoomoth says:


  40. eddyslevin says:

    Another winner from Blacked, great girl with lovely small breasts!

  41. woodster1978 says:

    Just AWESOME

  42. ohorerehohepa says:

    Who in phoenix and trying to ride 9 inches

  43. Jingyue says:

    This is amazing. I love the pure animal natural passion of Lisa mixed with the young teasing innocence of Georgia. Is the perfect mix for any of us.

  44. nerinapirrelli says:

    Loved it! The more kissing and licking the better. Would have liked to see more rubbing of the cock on the face. And more tongue. Just sucking gets boring after awhile.

  45. LiamNetizen says:

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  46. Kelci_A says:


  47. Chabean says:

    Love Karlie! So hot and I nearly finished before her fantasy began.

  48. Alexos_Drausus says:

    isn't that couch from ikea?

  49. KANicholls says:


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