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35 Replies to “Gay Black Dilfs - Fantastic Rough Anal Sex!”

  1. uniqueme says:

    Loved it

  2. 123312 says:

    smallest dick ever get your fat ass lil dick fucking body out of porn u nerd i hope u die or summit.

  3. vhp says:

    If only harambee was able to grow old

  4. dcmpns says:

    I like fucking my black neighbor's gf, he only has about 7 inches it's kinda sad lol

  5. joseph-fleische says:


  6. divanidestan says:

    I want to cum inside her beautiful asshole!!

  7. hw37 says:

    Her orgasm at 15.40m was amazing. I love it!

  8. spot says:

    Please do a Bi with a BBC rocking both of your asses

  9. LelouchKitty says:


  10. Bumperzzz says:

    Damn she was hungry for that dick

  11. rezkydinar says:

    8:53 Who is she?

  12. Reeplay says:

    Man, that banana with a spoon fucking killed it for me.

  13. kayakkingozy says:

    i love this dude.. he's in alot of vids.. i love his style n the way he talks.. some1 take notes from him and come c me!!!

  14. aukSSinis says:

    She fine as fuck but she needs to do more anal.

  15. MLaR says:

    is this shit real?

  16. NicolasN says:

    Naw, that's not inner monologue.. he's too much of a retard to be able to separate thoughts from outward vocals in at any time... everything just spews out of his dumbass mouth, nothing is ever a thought to him! Someone needs to slit his vocal cords!

  17. vietnamian says:

    She is an awesome step sister.

  18. beastattack says:

    why cum in a glass cum in her mouth she sipped this like it was wisky

  19. steamer1953 says:

    "sadistic bitch" fucking hilarious

  20. paddles720 says:

    OMG I love this!

  21. Dutch_Rick says:

    That's sooo very hot! I love the way this lady looks and fucks herself with the machine!

  22. larimerd says:

    Your the goat

  23. renuneelam says:

    That's amazing

  24. epicsoftware says:

    Gorgeous guy, anyone know his name?

  25. scottyj says:

    I dunno, she seems to go craziest on the first orgasm in every video.

  26. Elaine says:

    What is the name of a man with glasses?

  27. mike.nafea3 says:

    BTW, I like your octopus display on the door.

  28. hoesey says:

    You are THE BEST!!!

  29. Dark_Hope says:

    fuck Pokemon Go and let me watch porn

  30. Dancer says:

    She says "tirer" which means "to pull", but the word "tirer" is sometimes used in the expression "tirer un coup" = to fuck, so the guy acts like it's the second meaning.

  31. Matt_G says:

    Hey congrats for your award well deserved!

  32. Nirum says:

    OH MY GOD you make me so fucking horny!! all that squirtcum!! you are soooooo hot kate!!!! please marry me!!!

  33. Niko5878 says:

    yall make it seem like his dick was invisible lol just because its not a huge ass "porn cock" he has a nice dick!

  34. bm98 says:

    It needed to be closer I wanted to watch her asshole as she rode his cock like a pro

  35. ian0879 says:

    So god damn HOTTT

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